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Eye Exams in Nashville, TN

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About Eye Exams

Most people are no strangers to receiving routine eye examinations. In fact, children commonly are given vision screenings at school, and adults may be made to take them for work purposes. Vision tests are also done when applying for a driver's license. However, doing well on a vision evaluation doesn't mean you are clear of any eye disease. A simple acuity exam can't provide a full assessment view of your total eye health and a lot of dangerous, vision-threatening diseases, such as glaucoma, won't give any warning signs. For that reason, receiving annual comprehensive eye exams is important.


Having thorough eye exams on a regular basis is essential. This is true, even if you haven't felt or seen any indications that there's a problem. Patients who are 18 – 40 years of age need to have their eyes evaluated every year. Men and women in their 40s or beyond should have eye health assessments about every year as well. Thorough ocular assessments can also reveal other major yet controllable medical concerns, like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and retinal holes or tears.


What are the Benefits of Eye Exams?

The benefits of having regular eye exams extend beyond just maintaining good vision. Here are some reasons why you should book an eye exam with Wang Vision Institute:

  • Early detection of eye diseases and conditions: Many serious eye conditions like glaucoma do not show symptoms until they have progressed to an advanced stage. Eye exams can detect these issues before they become a problem.
  • Prescription updates: Your eyes are constantly changing, so annual eye exams are important to ensure that your glasses or contact lens prescription is up to date. Our Nashville eye center offers a variety of eyewear options to help correct your vision.
  • Overall health assessment: As mentioned earlier, eye exams can also reveal other underlying medical conditions like hypertension. Our trained team can detect signs of these diseases and refer you to appropriate medical professionals for treatment.

Eye Exams FAQs

Are eye exams painful?

Eye examinations should never be painful. The tests are usually performed with a bright light and may involve a little pressure, which can be uncomfortable for some people. Our team members at Wang Vision Institute are highly trained and experienced in eye exams and will make sure that you are completely at ease throughout the entire process.

What if you discover an issue during an eye exam?

If a problem is identified during an eye exam, our Nashville, TN, staff will discuss it with you in detail. We may recommend further testing or treatment options to improve your vision or eye health. Rest assured that we do everything in our power to keep your eyes healthy and functioning properly.

Do I need glasses if my eye exam is normal?

Not necessarily. Generally, people should wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve vision if they have refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Our team can provide recommendations for eyewear if needed. In some cases, vision can be improved with laser vision correction surgery.

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