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Cataract Lens in Nashville, TN

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What are Cataract Lenses?

Cataract surgery, both laser and traditional, is performed to replace a cloudy, foggy lens (cataract) with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Artificial lenses are made and placed into an eye using incredibly advanced technologies and techniques, and they serve to function just like the natural lens but without the cloudiness that can impair a patient's vision. Along with cataract removal, intraocular lenses may also enhance an individual's overall quality of sight and improve any refractive errors. When you've been diagnosed with cataracts, or if you suspect that you may have a cataract, contact Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, TN to learn how our skilled team of ophthalmologists can improve your eye health with IOLs and laser cataract surgery.

what are the benefits of cataract lenses?

Cataract lenses in Nashville, TN at Wang Vision Institute can treat your cataracts and improve your vision with several great benefits, including:

  • Achieves crisper, clearer vision
  • Corrects refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism)
  • Provides multiple lens options
  • Reduces your need for glasses and/or contacts
  • Lenses are durable and can last a lifetime

What are the Cataract Lens Options?

Wang Vision performed the state’s first Vivity Lens and the state’s first laser-assisted trifocal Panoptix Lens.

At Wang Vision Institute, our team uses the most state-of-the-art intraocular lenses for patients receiving laser cataract surgery. Artificial IOLs come in many forms with each type created to suit certain needs and situations. Several of these lenses can promote clear vision at a distance while others may cover other distances as well. There are even IOLs that are great for men and women with astigmatism, presbyopia (age-related vision loss), and other specific conditions.

All cataract surgeries, laser or otherwise, require the replacement of a cloudy lens so an important part of your cataract surgery assessment will involve selecting the right IOL for your needs. Our skilled team has years of experience when it comes to working with IOLs and patients with cataracts so we will be able to determine the correct artificial lens that will best suit your eye health, vision quality, and lifestyle.

Who is a candidate for cataract lenses?

Any patient who receives laser cataract surgery at our Nashville, TN office is a potential candidate to receive an artificial IOL. Patients who have had prior laser eye surgeries, including LASIK, ZEISS SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction), PRK, or any other corneal laser surgeries, could also qualify to receive an intraocular lens. During your cataract surgery consultation, we will assess your overall health, medical history, and current needs and condition to help you determine which lens is your best match. Men and women with chronic infections, uncontrolled diabetes, or other health problems may have to wait until these disorders stabilize before cataract removal.

What can I Expect after a cataract lens procedure?

Prior to your laser cataract procedure, we will go over what you can expect from your surgery and give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from your IOL. The results you get from the surgery will depend significantly on which artificial lens is chosen, as well as how your vision was before cataracts. The vast majority of men and women report being happy with their outcomes, and some even note that their vision has improved overall. One extra benefit of having an artificial intraocular lens is that they are crafted with medical-grade materials that will not degrade over time. This means that once a cataract is removed, you cannot develop another one. However, some patients may notice cloudiness in their vision that develops over time. While not cataracts, this is a result of posterior capsular opacification (PCO) and can be corrected promptly with a simple and effective laser treatment.


How long do cataract lenses last?
Cataract lenses can last a lifetime. The majority of Nashville, TN cataract surgery patients do not experience any issues with their lenses. However, you should continue to attend routine eye exams to evaluate your overall eye health.

How do I know which cataract lens is right for me?
During a thorough consultation at Wang Vision Institute, our skilled eye care professionals will be able to determine which cataract lens option is ideal for you. We will look over your eye health, medical history, and other factors to make the best choice for you.

Can a cataract lens restore my vision?
Yes. A cataract lens can help restore your vision and allow you to see more clearly. A lens will be picked depending on your current vision needs in order to improve your eyesight.

What is the expected lifespan of cataract replacement lenses?
Intraocular lenses are designed to last a lifetime. Once implanted, they typically do not need to be replaced, offering a long-term solution for improved vision following cataract surgery.

How should I choose the right lens for my lifestyle and vision needs?
Choosing the right lens depends on various factors, including your lifestyle, vision goals, and budget. It's important to discuss your needs and preferences with Dr. Wang. For instance, if you're comfortable with reading glasses, monofocal lenses might be suitable. If you have astigmatism, toric lenses could be the best option. And for those seeking to reduce dependence on glasses post-surgery, presbyopia-correcting lenses might be ideal.

How does a toric lens differ from other IOLs?
Toric lenses are specifically designed to correct astigmatism, a condition where the eye's surface is curved unevenly, leading to blurred vision. Unlike standard IOLs that may not address astigmatism, toric lenses can correct vision problems caused by both cataracts and astigmatism simultaneously.

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Receiving laser cataract surgery and getting an artificial IOL can be a wonderful, life-enhancing experience for many Nashville, TN patients. Along with being freed from a cloudy, foggy lens, men and women who receive this procedure are able to achieve restored — or even improved — sight. Contact Wang Vision Institute and schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced eye professionals if you are interested in cataract removal.

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