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Ocular Surface Procedures

Wang Vision Institute is one of the top centers in the state for iLux and LipiFlow. Also, our center performed the first BlephEx in middle Tennessee.


WIth any type of eye surgery, it is very common to have dry eye symptoms afterwards. Therefore dry eye treatments prior to LASIK, ZEISS SMILE, PRK, ICL, Forever Young and cataract surgery help to prepare the ocular surface for surgery to get the best results possible. At Wang Vision Institute, we use BlephEx to remove lid debris and bacterial biofilm in-office with microblepharoexfoliation to clean the eyelid margin. We also use either iLux or Lipiflow to help restore meibomian gland function by removing gland obstruction with thermal pulsation in-office.



Even without surgery, BlephEx, Lipiflow, and iLux can be performed to help those patients who are suffering from chronic dry eye. All of us will deal with dry, irritated eyes occasionally. However, when it persists for a long time or occurs frequently, it could be a sign that you're experiencing dry eye syndrome. This common eye condition is the result of either an underproduction of tears or irregular tear makeup, which in turn can be caused by medical issues, certain medications, or environmental factors. Tears are crucial to the overall health and visual function of the eyes; therefore, if tears are not forming, it can cause extreme inflammation of the eyes, as well as blurry vision. Dry eye syndrome is most often caused by an underlying illness. Once the underlying condition is diagnosed and dealt with, the dry eye symptoms can be considerably reduced.


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