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Information About Eye Conditions Services

Ophthalmologists Dr. Ming Wang and Dr. Josh Frenkel consider your eye health a top priority at our clinic. This is why the professionals at Wang Vision Institute offer eye exams as well as comprehensive solutions for vision issues like myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. We also diagnose and treat common eye conditions, such as infections, dry eye syndrome, and eye allergies, in Nashville, TN. Call our office to see how we improve your eye health and function.

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We recommend comprehensive eye exams in Nashville, TN every year to ensure that the quality of vision and eye health are in good shape.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, or IPL, is a great and minimally-invasive. treatment option for Nashville, TN patients who suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Address common eye issues like blurry near vision caused by aging or presbyopia with expert eye care at Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, TN.

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is an eye condition that can manifest in children, teens, or adults as a result of genetic factors.

Farsightedness, also known as hyperopia in medical settings, affects a person's ability to view objects, words, or pictures from a close distance.

Many adults begin to notice a decrease in the quality of their vision around or after the age of 40 as a result of the condition known as presbyopia.

Eye infections occur in people of all ages. Some of the more common types are pink eye, uveitis, blepharitis, and styes, all of which can be treated.

Dry eye syndrome Nashville, TN is an eye condition that is characterized by persistent dryness or irritation of the eyes

Eye allergies are a common seasonal occurrence that affects millions of Americans every year. To achieve relief, schedule an eye exam at our office.

Astigmatism in Nashville, TN patients can affect your vision due to the curvature of your cornea not allowing your eye to focus light properly.

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