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Wang Vision Institute performed the first Intacs in the nation for advanced keratoconus.

At our center, our team of skilled ophthalmologists is pleased to provide patients with a range of solutions to better their vision and quality of life, one of which being Intacs corneal implants. Intacs are tiny, crescent-shaped devices that are roughly the size of a fingertip. When implanted, they serve to create a more dome-like shape to the cornea by flattening the area. This allows light to enter the eye easier, which encourages better vision. 

After Intacs, individuals will still require vision correction with glasses or contact lenses, even after their keratoconus has been addressed. Intacs can make wearing contacts possible for men and women who were unable to use them before and may even reduce myopia (nearsightedness) in other patients. If you live in or near Nashville, TN, contact our premier ocular center to schedule your comprehensive exam and make sure your eyes are in their best health.

What are the Benefits of Corneal Implants?

Wang Vision Institute can provide the following benefits for patients with advanced keratoconus:

  • An improved cornea shape that better directs light into the eye
  • Improved vision quality, including better contrast and sharper images
  • The ability to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses comfortably with less distortion
  • Reduced risk of corneal scarring, haze, or other complications associated with advanced keratoconus
  • Increased comfort and fewer headaches due to improved vision

WHo is a CANDIDATE for corneal implants?

Intacs are clear, tiny implants that are inserted around the cornea to improve its shape and potentially reduce astigmatism and myopia. These devices are offered for patients with keratoconus who can no longer see properly while wearing contact lenses or glasses. Although this procedure has been proven effective for many patients, there are some individuals that may not qualify to receive Intacs. This includes individuals who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have additional eye disorders that may cause future issues
  • Are taking certain medications that could prevent or slow your body's ability to heal

To determine if you're an ideal candidate for Intacs, one of our highly skilled eye surgeons will conduct a comprehensive exam to assess the condition of your eye health.

What happens during corneal implant surgery

Your Intacs corneal implant procedure will take place here at our Nashville, TN office and can last anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes. To begin, a member of our team will numb the eye with a topical anesthetic in the form of eye drops. We will then place a speculum in the eye to prevent blinking or any other unnecessary movement during the treatment. Utilizing advanced laser technology, we will make a small opening into the cornea. The laser-assisted nature of this procedure ensures greater accuracy and eliminates the need for manual incisions. Once the layers of the cornea have been carefully separated and prepared, we will insert the Intacs implants into their proper position.

What to expect during corneal implant recovery

After your procedure, you will be required to attend follow-up appointments so we can continue to monitor the health and healing of your eye. We may prescribe antibiotic eye drops for you to use throughout your recovery to reduce the change of infection. Some patients report trouble seeing at night or having blurry vision after their treatment, but this will go away over time. It's important that you follow any and all post-operative care instructions provided to you by our staff — this is to make sure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Your follow-up appointments will be scheduled here at our Nashville, TN office. During your check-ins, we will assess the healing progress of your eye and determine if there has been any improvement in your vision. 

Corneal implants FAQs

Are corneal implants safe?

Corneal implants are considered safe, but as with any surgery, there are risks involved. The most common complications include infection, bleeding, and inflammation. Rest assured that Wang Vision Institute takes every precaution to ensure the safety of our patients. We only use the most advanced techniques and tools in the industry to provide corneal implants.

How do I prepare for corneal implants?

Our Nashville, TN, eye center offers specific instructions on how to prepare for your procedure, depending on your health and individual surgical plan. In general, you will need to avoid wearing makeup or contact lenses prior to your appointment. You should also plan to have someone drive you home once the procedure is completed.

Are corneal implants permanent?

Corneal implants are long-lasting, but they are not considered permanent. In some cases, they may need to be replaced after several years. However, most patients experience lasting results from their procedure and are happy with their outcomes. Our staff will discuss the expected lifespan of your implants during your consultation.

How much do corneal implants cost?

The total cost of your corneal implant surgery depends on the procedure you need and the complexity of your individual case. Wang Vision Institute can provide a detailed breakdown of costs during a consultation. We also offer financing options that help make this treatment more affordable for those who qualify.

How can I make recovery smoother after corneal implant surgery?

Dr. Wang can provide a detailed recovery plan tailored to your needs. This includes avoiding rubbing or pressing down on the eye, protecting the treatment areas from dust and other irritants, and avoiding strenuous exercise for a short period. Contact lenses should also be avoided until your eye has fully healed.


Worsening vision is something that no man or woman looks forward to. Our team of highly experienced ophthalmologists at Wang Vision Institute provides a host of solutions for patients experiencing vision loss as a result of keratoconus. Intacs corneal implants are a revolutionary new treatment that can restore the natural dome-like shape to the cornea, and in turn, improve the way you're able to see the world. To find out more about how our Nashville, TN ocular center continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to discovering and offering revolutionary treatments for a range of conditions, contact our office.

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