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Phototherapeutic Keratectomy in Nashville, TN

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What is Phototherapeutic Keratectomy (PTK)?

Wang Vision Institute performed the first PTK in the state.

Phototherapeutic keratectomy, often shortened to PTK, is a laser-assisted treatment that is performed to reduce fogginess and various other corneal abnormalities, including scar tissue caused by trauma, injury, or cornea disease. These abnormalities often lead men and women to have cloudy vision, dry eyes, irregular astigmatism, and irritation, as well as pain. In situations when corneal irregularities reach beyond the outer superficial layer of the cornea, PTK is usually the go-to procedure offered at Wang Vision Institute. If you are experiencing discomfort or blurred vision due to corneal scarring, we encourage you to contact our Nashville, TN office as soon as possible. Our skilled team of has years of experience and specialized training in performing advanced laser surgeries.

Who is a good candidate for PTK?

This laser-assisted surgery is usually offered to Nashville, TN individuals experiencing vision impairment, pain, dry eyes, cloudy vision, or other issues as a result of corneal trauma or disease. Ideal candidates for this treatment are patients whose corneal abnormalities reside below the epithelium in the lower-middle to middle layers of the cornea. However, men and women whose corneal issues exist in the epithelium could be better suited to receive a superficial keratectomy (or Super K) procedure. You may not be a great candidate for PTK if you have certain autoimmune or inflammatory disorders. In order to determine if this treatment is the best one for your needs, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation from one of the knowledgeable eye professionals on our staff.

How does PTK work?

Often performed using an excimer laser, PTK is a quick procedure at Wang Vision Institute that typically lasts around 10 – 20 minutes. The PTK surgical process is very similar to that of a LASIK or PRK procedure with the difference being that PTK is not a refractive correction. Before your treatment, your eyes will be numbed using special drops to ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible. One of our ophthalmologists will then place a device over the affected eye to prevent any movement. From there, we will utilize our state-of-the-art laser technology to accurately remove the unwanted corneal tissue. When your treatment is complete, you'll be given a bandage contact lens to wear to aid in the healing process and minimize any post-op discomfort.

What is follow-up like?

Following your PTK treatment in our Nashville, TN office, a member of our team will schedule your future follow-up visits to our Nashville, TN office so we can assess your healing and vision improvement. Often, patients are given prescription eye drops to use for several weeks after surgery to prevent infection and dryness. A majority of men and women report having exceptionally better vision as early as one day after their PTK procedure with their results continuing to improve over the following days or weeks.


Is PTK safe?
Yes, PTK is a safe and effective treatment for corneal irregularities. It is extremely precise and uses advanced lasers to minimize your risk of complications. Our team of professionals is highly-trained in the use of this technology so you can trust that your surgery will be done with absolute precision and care.

Is PTK painful?
PTK is not a painful procedure because our ophthalmologists use numbing eye drops before treatment. You may experience some minor discomfort during recovery, but this usually resolves in a few days. The most common side effects are dryness, itching, and sensitivity to light, which are all temporary.

What factors impact recovery?
The speed of recovery after PTK depends on various factors, including the underlying cause and severity of your corneal irregularity. We can provide detailed information about what to expect during a consultation. We may ask you to come in for regular follow-up visits to check on your progress and ensure that everything is healing properly.

Improved Vision

Your vision can become blurry if you have scar tissue or an irregular corneal surface affecting your eye. Thankfully, you don't have to live with these issues forever. Wang Vision Institute is proud to offer patients from Nashville, TN and beyond a diverse range of advanced treatments to improve their vision along with their overall eye health. To learn more about how PTK could be beneficial for you if you've experienced corneal scar tissue or other irregularities, contact our office and schedule an evaluation.

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