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Trabeculectomy in Nashville, TN

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About Trabeculectomy

When glaucoma has advanced to the later stages or is progressing rapidly, our highly trained eye surgeons at Wang Vision Institute commonly recommend a trabeculectomy. For this procedure, our ophthalmologists will create a tiny drainage hole into the wall of the eye, leaving a portion of the sclera (the white of the eye) intact. This area of the sclera left intact will sit above the small hole and act as a flap. From there, the built-up fluid in the eye will be able to flow out with greater ease. This, in turn, lowers the intraocular pressure present in the eye and decreases the patient's glaucoma symptoms.

At our premier Nashville, TN optical center, our experienced ophthalmologists, Drs. Josh Frenkel and Ming Wang, have the skills, tools, and techniques necessary to elevate your eye health and improve your vision. When nonsurgical solutions and MIGS are no longer an option to treat your glaucoma symptoms, we will work with you to develop a personalized trabeculectomy treatment plan. 

Best Candidates

Although a trabeculectomy tends to be the most frequently performed glaucoma procedure, this surgery is typically reserved for men and women who have received little or no improvement with other solutions, such as eye drops, medication, or MIGS. The majority of patients who receive a trabeculectomy are those who are in a more advanced stage of glaucoma or those whose condition is quickly progressing. The best candidates for this surgery are patients who are in overall good health, not currently taking anticoagulant medications, and those who have not benefited from other noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments.

What to Expect

Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, TN is proud to feature a skilled team of eye surgeons with years' worth of experience in treating and managing a number of eye conditions, such as glaucoma. While we strive to treat glaucoma with nonsurgical or minimally invasive solutions (such as medication or MIGS), these options are not always available. For patients in a more advanced stage of glaucoma, we may perform a trabeculectomy.

To carry out your trabeculectomy, we will administer a local anesthetic to the eyes. Once your eyes are fully numb, Dr. Frenkel or Dr. Wang will place a device over the eyes, one at a time, to keep them still throughout the treatment. This device will temporarily block your vision as we work. Our team then uses fine, medical-grade tools to create a flap, as well as a small drainage hole. After your surgery has concluded, we will administer antibiotic eye drops or an injection. The treated eye or eyes will then be bandaged or taped closed. Some patients may be required to wear an eyepatch for a certain amount of time to ensure that the treated area stays safe and protected.


In addition to nonsurgical solutions, MIGS, and trabeculectomies, our Nashville, TN office also offers XEN Gel Stent implants as a treatment for glaucoma. This alternative tends to be reserved for patients in a more severe stage of the condition. XEN Gel Stent implants are designed to reduce pressure within the eyes of patients who have not benefited from other treatment options. The implant itself is incredibly small — about the size of an eyelash —  that serves to increase drainage from the eye by creating a new pathway. Once the implant is placed just under the clear membrane that covers your eye (conjunctiva), the excess fluid will be able to drain with ease and allow your intraocular pressure to decrease over time.

A Clear Solution

If you're suffering from glaucoma and its effects and have not found relief with other treatments, such as medications or MIGS, get in touch with Wang Vision Institute and learn more about the trabeculectomy. At our premier Nashville, TN eye center, our highly qualified eye surgeons offer a range of procedures to reduce the pressure in your eyes and restore your eye health. Be sure to schedule your comprehensive eye examination at your earliest convenience.

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