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Forward Thinking: First in the State of Tennessee

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Wang Vision Institute is a powerhouse in the field of ophthalmology. Choose experience and expertise at Wang Vision. Here are several procedures that Wang Vision was the first in the state of Tennessee to perform:

Soft-Touch LASIK 

This type of LASIK procedure uses ? less of the pressure required in traditional LASIK to clear vision.


Similar to LASIK, ZEISS SMILE is a bladeless refractive eye procedure. ZEISS SMILE does not require a flap and therefore has fewer post-surgical complications. Those that may not have qualified for LASIK, may be ZEISS SMILE candidates. 

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery 

Using a laser rather than a scalpel, Laser Cataract Surgery can be a less-invasive solution to cataracts as the eye ages. Laser Cataract Surgery decreases the chances of an infection post-procedure.

Amniotic Membrane Contact Lenses 

Wang Vision Institute invented the Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens (AMCL) and holds two U.S. patents for the procedure. Using amniotic membrane tissue, AMCL treats dry eyes with a natural healing lens. This procedure reduced inflammation and discomfort, while healing the problem at its source.


Wang Vision performed the first Intacs in the nation. These corneal implants are inserted to help dome the eye and allow for better vision by light entering the eye easier. 


Used to treat fogginess and other corneal abnormalities, Wang Vision was the first to perform PTK in Tennessee. Those struggling with corneal abnormalities may benefit from better vision with this procedure.

Wang Vision has performed over 55,000 procedures, including on over 4,000 doctors! Paving the way for better vision, Wang Vision Institute is here to help you improve your life with improved vision.

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