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Solutions for Dry Eye Relief at Wang Vision Institute

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Dry eye syndrome is a prevalent condition that can cause discomfort and impact daily life. At Wang Vision Institute, we recognize the challenges of untreated dry eye and are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to alleviate symptoms. Explore our state-of-the-art treatments available at our Nashville, TN office.

LipiFlow Treatment:

Addressing Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), LipiFlow utilizes cutting-edge thermal pulsation technology. By applying controlled heat and pressure, LipiFlow effectively unclogs blocked Meibomian glands, restoring the production of healthy oils. This innovative treatment significantly alleviates dry eye symptoms associated with MGD.

iLux Therapy:

Offering a non-surgical option for MGD-related dry eye, iLux uses a specialized device to gently apply heat and compression to the eyelids. This precise treatment opens blocked Meibomian glands, enhancing the flow of oils, improving tear film quality, and providing lasting relief.

BlephEx Procedure:

Designed to combat blepharitis, a common cause of dry eye, BlephEx is an in-office procedure that removes debris and bacteria from the eyelids. Using a small, rotating brush, BlephEx gently exfoliates the eyelids, eliminating factors contributing to dry eye symptoms.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy:

A non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, IPL Therapy employs pulses of light to enhance tear film quality and reduce inflammation. Targeting the meibomian glands, IPL releases oils, improving tear film quality and reducing dry eye symptoms.

Punctal Plugs:

Small silicone devices inserted into tear ducts, punctal plugs slow down tear drainage, retaining tears on the eye surface. This helps alleviate dry eye symptoms by maintaining moisture and providing sustained relief.

Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens (AMCL):

Invented by Dr. Ming Wang, AMCL utilizes a thin, biocompatible tissue from the amniotic membrane. Placed on the cornea, it promotes healing and reduces inflammation. Effective for various causes of dry eye, AMCL offers a natural healing approach for those unresponsive to conventional treatments.

Dry eye can significantly impact your quality of life, but relief is within reach with advanced treatment options at Wang Vision Institute. If you're experiencing dry eye symptoms, schedule a consultation with our experts to discover personalized solutions that will help you regain ocular comfort, reduce dryness, and enjoy clearer vision.

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