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At Wang Vision Institute, we specialize in today’s most advanced vision correction procedures.  

We are pleased to be the first office in Tennessee to perform the revolutionary laser vision correction surgery, ZEISS SMILE. Similar to other vision correction procedures like LASIK, ZEISS SMILE is performed on our patients who want to achieve clearer, more precise vision without the help of glasses and contacts. If you aren’t familiar with ZEISS SMILE eye surgery, don’t worry! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help determine if this vision correction surgery is best for you!



ZEISS SMILE , which stands for small incision lenticule extraction, is a type of laser vision correction surgery. Similar to LASIK , ZEISS SMILE is a blade-less, refractive eye procedure that alters the shape of the cornea to improve a patient’s vision. This surgery is performed to help men and women achieve clearer vision. 

Are There Benefits of ZEISS SMILE Surgery VS. LASIK?

While ZEISS SMILE eye surgery and LASIK are similar and produce similar results, it has unique advantages over LASIK. These benefits include:

  • Less invasive than traditional LASIK
  • Requires a smaller incision
  • It does not require a flap to be made
  • Reduced risk for postoperative complications
  • Reduced dry eye postoperatively

Is ZEISS SMILE Surgery Painful?

No, ZEISS SMILE surgery is not painful! Before the procedure begins, our ophthalmologists administer special anesthetic drops that completely numb the eye's surface. Since ZEISS SMILE is performed using a topical anesthetic, the surgery is entirely painless. While uncommon, our staff is always there to help if you feel any pain or discomfort throughout. 

How Long is the ZEISS SMILE Procedure?

ZEISS SMILE surgery typically only takes about 15-30 minutes to operate on both eyes. However, this can range a little between patients. Our eye surgeons will let you know what you can expect before, during, and after your procedure. 

How Soon Will I Have Improved Vision After ZEISS SMILE Surgery?

Your eyes will begin to heal immediately after your ZEISS SMILE procedure, and many patients experience improved vision within hours after surgery! It is normal to experience some fluctuations within your vision during the process but these fade away in a few days as your eyes heal and adjust. Typically, people can return to their daily activities 1-2 days post-op. 

Are the Results from ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Permanent?

The ZEISS SMILE surgery is permanent, and most ZEISS SMILE patients enjoy many years of clearer vision without relying on prescription glasses or contact lenses! However, any age-related eye conditions that may arise, such as cataracts  and presbyopia , cannot be prevented with ZEISS SMILE surgery. If any age-related vision changes occur, our doctors at Wang Vision will provide you with all the potential options for treatment. 

For more information about ZEISS SMILE, check out our informational page here .

To determine if you are a candidate for ZEISS SMILE or would like to schedule a comprehensive eye evaluation, call our office at 615-321-8881 to schedule a consultation. 

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