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Protect Your Eyes While You Exercise

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At Wang Vision Institute, your vision is our top priority. While you make time in your schedule for regular exercise, we want to give you the best advice for protecting your eyesight. Working out isn’t just for building muscle and losing weight, but it can also reduce your risk of potential eye diseases and other infections. C heck out these tips for how to protect your eyes while you exercise.

Take Off Your Makeup

Mascara and sweat never make a good combo. Before hitting the gym, remember to wash off your eye makeup and use a gentle cleanser to wipe off excess eyeshadow or eyeliner. Wearing makeup while you workout can cause skin irritation and clog pores.

Wear Proper Sunglasses

Planning to go for an outdoor run? Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays by wearing proper sunglasses. Make sure to invest in lightweight frames and rubber nose pads so your glasses won’t fall off your nose.

Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows it’s important to drink water while you workout. But do you know the benefits of staying hydrated for your vision? Drinking water is important for maintaining a healthy balance of fluid in your eye and can reduce eye strains.

Wear a Cap or Headband

Tired of having hair fall in your face and covering your eyes? Opt for wearing a cap or workout headband! Wearing a hat is a great option if you’re having a bad hair day, and headbands can collect sweat from running down your face.

Wash Your Face After Your Workout

After you exercise, it’s extremely important to remove excess sweat and debris from your face. Your eyes are extremely sensitive and can be protected from chemicals and other bacteria with proper soap and water. Washing your face also lessens the spread of eye infections.

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