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How Does Soft-Touch LASIK Differ From Traditional LASIK?

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When you’re looking for a safe and effective laser eye surgery to correct or restore your vision, Soft-Touch LASIK may be the right option for you. The ophthalmologists at Wang Vision Institute have the skills and experience necessary to successfully perform the latest in refractive procedures. LASIK or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis is the most popular refractive treatment performed. At Wang Vision Institute, Dr. Joshua Frenkel was the first LASIK surgeon in the State of Tennessee to perform Soft-Touch LASIK. This surgery uses less than 1/3 of the pressure on the eye than traditional LASIK surgery. This provides a more comfortable and less traumatic experience for our patients.

At Wang Vision Institute, Dr. Ming Mang and Dr. Josh Frenkel work hard to help every patient to live their lives with the clearest vision. During a consultation at our Nashville, TN, office, we can discuss LASIK side effects, which refractive errors can be corrected, and LASIK recovery tips.

Differences between Soft-Touch LASIK and Traditional LASIK

As an industry leader in laser eye surgeries, Wang Vision Institute was the first center in the state to perform Soft-Touch LASIK. As a new and more advanced laser eye procedure, it offers unique advantages as compared to traditional LASIK. Not only is it less invasive because it only requires a small incision, but this leads to fewer complications after surgery. However, some of our patients do prefer traditional LASIK because it is more commonly practiced. Also, SOFT-Touch LASIK sometimes has a slightly slower recovery time, which influences our patients’ decision to choose one or the other.

Who is the best candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

At a consultation at Wang Vision Institute, we will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for LASIK eye surgery, whether traditional or Soft-Touch. The best candidate for LASIK:

• Is at least 18 years of age

• Has enough corneal thickness

• Doesn’t have certain medical disorders such as diabetes or an existing eye infection or disease

During your consultation, we can ask questions about your medical history to determine your candidacy.

What to expect during Soft-Touch LASIK eye surgery

Wang Vision Institute uses the latest tools and techniques when it comes to laser vision correction surgery. Traditional LASIK procedures are performed with a surgeon looking through a traditional microscope. Soft-Touch LASIK surgery uses three-dimensional image-guided technology so we can get the most comprehensive view of the eye. This allows us to carry out LASIK procedures with the best precision and accuracy, which improves the outcomes of your surgery.

At Wang Vision Institute, LASIK is a fast, effective vision correction surgery that results in little to no pain and lasts about ten minutes. Before treatment, the eyes are numbed with anesthetic eye drops. Next, a suction device is placed over each eye to prevent any blinking. Once the eye is secured, our highly-trained ophthalmologists carefully use a laser to gently create a very thin corneal flap. It is delicately folded upward and a laser is used to recontour the corneal tissue. Once we are finished, the flap is moved back to its proper position, which allows you to heal without stitches. Most people who undergo bladeless LASIK will have clear vision within 24 hours.

LASIK recovery

After a LASIK procedure, we recommend a patient goes home and tries to sleep for a few hours. This is because as the anesthetic begins to go away, you may feel a faint burning sensation, which may lead to a strong urge to blink or scratch the eyes. We will prescribe antibiotic and lubricating eye drops for you to use for the first few weeks of recovery. Do not massage the eyes at all for about two weeks.

Some of our patients go through periods of time where they have inconsistent vision, night vision issues, and some light sensitivity. This is common. You will have follow-up visits to check your healing.

Achieve clear vision with LASIK eye surgery

If you’re interested in correcting your vision, schedule a consultation at Wang Vision Institute to learn the differences between Soft-Touch LASIK and traditional LASIK surgeries. Drs. Josh Frenkel and Ming Wang specialize in these laser eye surgeries that help patients with various refractive errors improve their vision. Call our Nashville, TN, office today to schedule an appointment.

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