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How Do I Know If I'm a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

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As the most popular refractive treatment in ophthalmology, LASIK eye surgery has become a favorite for many patients wanting to receive vision treatment. Dr. Frenkel was the first in the state to perform Soft-Touch LASIK which provides a more comfortable experience for you and your eyes. If you’re considering getting LASIK eye surgery, check out these signs below to see if you’re a good candidate.


Good candidates for LASIK must be at least 18 years old. This is to make sure that the eyes have fully matured and are ready to undergo a corrective surgery. Some technicians recommend that the patient be at least 21 or have a stable prescription for a year.  

Corneal thickness

Should you choose to have LASIK, it’s important that your cornea is thick enough for flap creation. Because a small amount of tissue is removed during surgery, there must be enough corneal tissue for it to be reshaped. Too little tissue can cause major vision problems and severe complications.

Refractive errors

Prescription lenses for LASIK are determined by refractive errors. Light refraction errors are created by a misshapen lens or cornea measured in diopters. The range of diopters senses that positive numbers indicate hyperopia (farsightedness) and negative numbers indicate myopia (nearsightedness). If LASIK is not right for you, other refractive surgeries such as photoreactive keratectomy (PRK) may be a good alternative.

General health

Have you ever wondered if your eyes are healthy? Good candidates for LASIK have little inflammation, eye injuries, or eye-related diseases. It may be good to rethink LASIK surgery if you have dry eyes, large pupils, cataracts or glaucoma. Our Wang Vision Team will ask questions about your general health before surgery and is committed to identifying potential risks.


Women who are pregnant should reconsider getting LASIK. The thickness of your cornea can increase due to hormonal changes which may pose risks to the mother and child. Many women also experience dry eyes during pregnancy which is harmful. For these reasons, it is recommended that women wait until a few months after nursing to have LASIK surgery.

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