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Eye Care Tips for Travelers

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Traveling opens up exciting possibilities to explore new sights and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. To ensure your eyes are ready to take in these new experiences, it's important to care for them properly. Here are some eye care tips from Wang Vision Institute to help you maintain clear and comfortable vision during your travels:


1. Double Up on Glasses and Pack Backup Pairs: Bring two sets of glasses on each trip. If you wear contacts, carry an extra pair alongside your glasses. This ensures you have a spare if one is lost or damaged.

2. Prepare for Dry Eyes During Flights: Airplane cabins are known for drying out eyes. Remove your contacts if you plan to sleep for several hours, or use over-the-counter drops to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable.

3. Stock Up on Prescription Eye Drops: If you use prescription eye drops, pack extra unopened bottles. Availability of these drops may vary by country, so it's wise to be prepared.


1. Delay Seeing an Ophthalmologist While Traveling: If you encounter any eye problems while on your trip, don't wait until you return home to seek help. Immediate care can prevent minor issues from escalating.

2. Clean Your Contacts with Water: Always carry your contact lens case and two bottles of lens solution when traveling. Never store your contacts in water, as it can lead to serious infections.

3. Ignore Vision Changes: If you observe any changes in your vision, even if they're not painful, seek medical attention promptly. Blurry vision could indicate a more serious underlying condition.

Caring for your eyes ensures you can make the most of your vacation! Remember to pack your bags, protect your eyes, and soak in all the sights and experiences!

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