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Eye and Vision Protection for Athletes

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As we move into the spring season of sports, make sure you’re protecting your vision. Ninety percent of eye injuries can be prevented with the right precautions, so nearly every sports-related eye injury could be avoided. If you want freedom from glasses and contacts when playing sports, contact Wang Vision Institute to see if you’re eligible for LASIK. 

Identify Risk 

Some sports are riskier to eye health than others. For example, sports like airsoft and paintball pose serious threats to eye safety, as they involve high-speed projectiles. Racket sports and soccer are also very dangerous and result in a large number of eye injuries. Be sure to assess the risks of certain sports before you play.

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Wear proper safety goggles

If you currently wear glasses and participate in sports like basketball or racket sports, you should wear proper eye protection. Any sports protective eyewear labeled ASTM F803 has been performance tested and approved for sports. Polycarbonate goggles can fit over glasses, resist shattering, and can also be offered with prescription strength so you don’t have to wear them in addition to your glasses.

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Consider UV Protection

Even if you don’t wear glasses, you still need to consider your eyesight before playing sports. The UV rays from the sun can damage unprotected eyes, so make sure to find some UV-blocking goggles or glasses, possibly with polarized lenses to reduce glare.

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Want to be able to play sports without glasses or contacts? Contact us today  to schedule a consultation with our experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists!

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