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Does Visian Toric ICL Surgery Correct Astigmatism?

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If you want to wake up without needing contacts or glasses, Visian® Toric ICL surgery can improve your eyesight. Patients who experience nearsightedness (myopia) or a misshapen cornea (astigmatism) can achieve better vision with ICL surgery. Additionally, this procedure is an excellent option for patients who do not qualify for LASIK surgery. ICL surgery implants a permanent, artificial lens inside the eye and offers a variety of benefits. At Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, TN, we proudly provide ICL surgery to treat astigmatism. We encourage you to learn more and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our board-certified eye surgeons.

What causes astigmatism?

Caused by genetics, trauma, or disease, astigmatism is a refractive lens error. Usually, your cornea has a perfect curve, like a smooth ball. With astigmatism, your cornea is shaped more like a football. This means light cannot focus correctly on the retina. If this happens, it can cause blurry vision at any distance. Astigmatism can cause various uncomfortable symptoms, including problems seeing at night, headaches, eyestrain, and squinting. To combat these issues, we offer permanent contact lenses. Not only can ICL treat your astigmatism, but you no longer have the hassle of buying contacts or glasses, waking up with blurry vision, fogging up your glasses when wearing masks, or reading signs from a distance. During your routine eye exam or at a consultation, we can discuss all of your treatment options and determine if ICL is right for you.

What is an implantable contact lens?

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Visian® Toric ICL can help patients who:

• Are 21 – 45 years old

• Do not have cataracts, glaucoma, or keratoconus

• Have good health

• Do not qualify for LASIK treatments

• Are not pregnant or nursing

Once you’re approved, one of our expert eye surgeons will create a tailored treatment plan, discuss the procedure, and answer your questions. We complete ICL as an outpatient procedure at our Nashville, TN office. Taking about 30 minutes to perform, we start the surgery by numbing your eyes. At the time of the surgery, most patients do not experience any discomfort. Next, one of our skilled eye surgeons makes a tiny opening within the eye and places the implant right behind the iris and in front of your natural lens. Right after ICL surgery, you should notice a significant improvement in your eyesight. Generally, it takes around four weeks to experience optimal results. We will provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and schedule follow-up appointments to check your progress.

Treat your astigmatism with permanent contact lenses

During a routine eye exam or at a consultation at Wang Vision Institute, we can help you learn more about this innovative procedure. Our team has years of experience and is well-known throughout the Nashville, TN area. We have helped a variety of patients live more comfortable lives by improving their vision. With permanent contact lenses, you can enjoy many benefits. Please schedule an appointment to receive a personalized treatment plan.

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