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Daily Habits for Better Vision

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Establishing a routine can seem grueling at first, but with proper planning and consistency, your goals can be achieved. If you’re looking for small steps to improve your vision, check out these daily habits to keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Wear eye protection

Just as you put on sunscreen to protect your skin, wearing glasses while it’s sunny outside can have a large impact on your vision. Wearing a pair of sunglasses that provides 100% UV protection can prevent vision loss, cataracts, macular degeneration and other eyesight  related problems.

Eat well-balanced meals

Healthy foods not only help your heart and mind, but they also help your eyes too. Eating fish, nuts and seeds that contain Omega-3 can prevent dry eye symptoms. Whole grains that contain vitamin B will help regulate blood sugar, and leafy greens contain lutein which suppress inflammation and enhance the sharpness of your vision.

Take a break from the screens

You may have heard before that too much blue light can be harmful to your vision. If you work a job that requires long hours spent on the computer, take frequent breaks to prevent eye strains. Going for a small walk around the office can also improve blood flow.


Taking a daily walk can improve your vision for managing blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. Have a friend hold you accountable for exercising 2-3 times each week and make it a habit to get your heart rate up to keep your eyes healthy.

Wash your face and hands

Keep your eyes clean and free from debris by frequently washing your face and hands. As much as we move around and touch things with our hands, washing up can prevent the spread of diseases and other viruses.  For more information on how to prevent common eye infections, read here.

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