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Nashville, TN | Smile with Audrey Korshoff | Wang Vision Institute

Ms. Audrey Korshoff had SMILE done by Dr. Ming Wang.


Audrey Korshoff: Hi, I'm Audrey Korshoff, and I'm having the ZEISS SMILE procedure done today with Dr. Wang, and I'm very excited to say goodbye to thirty-one years of glasses and contacts.

Dr. Ming Wang: If you see a blinking light, don't worry about it, okay? Look to the left. A little pressure. Look to the left in there. Yeah. Good.

Dr. Ming Wang:
Don't move.

Speaker 3: All right, twenty seconds. Ten. Five, four, three, two, one.

Dr. Ming Wang: Hello, I'm Dr. Ming Wang of Wang Vision Cataract and LASIK Center, Nashville, Tennessee. This is Audrey and we just had ZEISS SMILE. ZEISS SMILE is the latest procedure, it's like Lexus of LASIK. And a small incision, they say, and has three advantages compared with the LASIK. Number one is small incision, so less invasive cause the less dry. Also, has less postop complications. So Audrey just has really smart. How long do you wear glasses?

Audrey Korshoff: Since I was eight.

Dr. Ming Wang: Since I was eight?

Audrey Korshoff: It's been quite some time.

Dr. Ming Wang: Twenty years. Thirty. Okay. Wow. So are you excited for the ZEISS SMILE? And we actually the only center in the state offering ZEISS SMILE. So you're ready for the moment of truth?

Audrey Korshoff: Yes.

Dr. Ming Wang: Here we go. Three, two, one. Blink, blink, blink. Open. Look around.

Audrey Korshoff: Wow.

Dr. Ming Wang: Can you see your daddy over there? Yes? He's still good-looking. Can you see how many fingers?

Audrey Korshoff: She's holding two fingers.

Dr. Ming Wang: Wow. Congratulations.