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Nashville, TN | Marie Dorak LASIK | Wang Vision Institute

Ms. Marie Dorak had LASIK done by Dr. Ming Wang.


Dr. Ming Wang: Are you excited today?

Marie: So excited.

Dr. Ming Wang: So what we're going to do today is laser, and we're going to get rid of your glasses.

Marie: For good.

Dr. Ming Wang: Yes, for good.

Marie: I'm excited.

Dr. Ming Wang: Yes, and with that, gain a new freedom from dependence on those glasses. The procedure should be pretty painless. You'll feel some pressure, and afterwards, you're going to be resting today a little bit. And what we're going to do is we're going to have a moment of truth right after surgery. Right after surgery, I'm going to just have you look across the room to see that you could not see right now without glasses.

Marie: I know.

Dr. Ming Wang: We're going to test it.

Marie: I am absolutely blind right now, without my glasses, so this is very exciting and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to get to do this with you.

Dr. Ming Wang: Yes, and I'm Dr. Ming Wang of Wang Vision Cataract and LASIK Center in Nashville, Tennessee. And now we are ready for LASIK procedure to gain freedom from dependency on glasses. Okay, here comes a live from Wang Vision Cataract and LASIK Center, Nashville, Tennessee. I'm Dr. Ming Wang.

Speaker 3: Five, four, three, two, one. Two is complete.

Dr. Ming Wang: I'm going to ask you to look to the left and right. Look to the left. Look to the right. Look straight. Perfect.

Dr. Ming Wang: Hello, I'm Dr. Ming Wang and this is Marie who just had LASIK. Now Marie, keep your eyes closed for now, and we're going to have a moment of truth in a moment. Now, before your LASIK surgery a moment ago, if I did not give you a pair of glasses and asked you to look across the room like this, you could not really see, right?

Marie: I couldn't see anything.

Dr. Ming Wang: Yeah, Marie had suffered double whammies. She had myopia, high-prescription nearsightedness, and also she had high astigmatism. Lots of people have high myopia or high astigmatism. She had both, so her LASIK surgery was very challenging and difficult. But we are an international referral center for the treatment of astigmatism. We actually published a textbook.

Dr. Ming Wang: So we just performed LASIK on Marie's eyes with high prescription and high astigmatism. So here's a moment of truth. Are you ready?

Marie: I am.

Dr. Ming Wang: Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. Go ahead and open. Blink, blink, blink. Blink, blink, blink. Can you see over there?

Marie: Yeah!

Dr. Ming Wang: Yes. You can see over there?

Marie: Yes!

Dr. Ming Wang: Good. Can you see better than before surgery without glasses?

Marie: It's amazing.

Dr. Ming Wang: Wow. Go ahead and read that line. Read aloud, if you can, without glasses.

Marie: LASIK. Dr. Ming Wang.

Dr. Ming Wang: Wow!

Marie: Yay!

Dr. Ming Wang: Congratulations!

Marie: Thank you.

Dr. Ming Wang: Congratulations!

Marie: Amazing.

Dr. Ming Wang: Wow!