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Nashville, TN | God's Not Dead, A Miracle, Maria's Story | Wang Vision Institute

Maria, a 15-yo blind orphan from Moldova, had never seen herself or the world. Helped by Steve and Lynn Hendrich, Maria came from around the world, to Wang Foundation, where Dr. Wang performed a complex and very difficult sight restoration surgery probono. When the patch was removed and Maria saw herself, for the first time ever, she exclaimed "Sunt Frumoasa (I am so pretty, in Romanian)!"


Lynn Hendrich: The summer of 2012 my husband and I were fortunate to be able to take our family, ourselves and our children to Moldova. And our goal was to work at a summer camp for children that the majority of them are orphans. We walk into camp and all of a sudden there's this beautiful girl sitting there on a bench all by herself. She just looked so sad, so lonely, and her head was down and nobody was around her, and so I went up to her with the translator and I said, "Hi," I introduced myself and she told me that her name was Maria, but that's all I could pretty much get out of her. She wouldn't look up at me and I said, "Maria, let me see your beautiful face. Let me see you. I want to see you." And she looked up at me and it was then that I realized that she had something just terribly wrong with her eyesight. I could tell.

Dr. Ming Wang: A year after EyeBall 2012, that when we first heard about Maria. Maria came to the United States and walked into our Wang Vision Cataract and LASIK Center. We sat down and I plotted out the whole sight restoration surgical plan and involve 10 different steps. Each of steps can have two possible outcomes, success or failure, and we can only get to the next step if the previous step is perfect or is successful. I know that's a very small possibility for humans, but God is powerful.

Dr. Ming Wang: We got it, we got it.

Dr. Ming Wang: And guess what? It happened. God created a miracle. The surgery went beautifully.

Steve Hendrich: Let's see Maria... Oh, careful.

Steve Hendrich: You see Casey? Look at Casey.

Casey: Can you see me?

Steve Hendrich: Where's Maria?

Steve Hendrich: Look at her.