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Nashville, TN | Girl Sees Herself for the First Time | Wang Vision Institute

Channel 4 Reports : 10 Procedures bring young 15 year old Maria Hendrich's sight from blindness to being able to see herself for the fitst time.


Speaker 1: A girl from Eastern Europe began the long journey out of darkness today. Fifteen year old Maria from Moldova went into surgery today, with Dr. Ming Wang. Maria was born prematurely and the combination of malnourishment and infection has left her blind in one eye, and with only 1% vision in the other. Today, Dr. Wang started the series of 10 procedures that will hopefully bring her to 30% sight. That number doesn't sound like much, but Dr. Wang says it really will be life changing.

Dr. Wang: That means going from darkness into light, one will have what we call the ambulatory vision. Meaning you can walk around the house, you can pick up a cup to drink, and you can put on clothes and you can do things around your house. You can take care of yourself.

Speaker 1: All right, here's the update. At last check, the surgeries were successful and Maria was able to see herself for the first time. This series of procedures is completely free of charge, thanks to Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration.