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Nashville, TN | AmbioDisk Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens | Wang Vision Institute

Dr. Ming Wang discussed the AmbioDisk Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens.


Hello, this is Dr. Ming Wang. I'm going to describe to you AmbioDisk Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens. We had the opportunity to invent the technology of amniotic membrane contact lens several years ago with Mr. Chris Adams. In this video, we will described the process how AmbioDisk Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens is used clinically. Here you see that we take the AmbioDisk out of the box and this is 18 millimeter scleral lens bottle. After much experimentation, we found that the AmbioDisk AMCL works best with the 18 millimeter scleral lens and here's 18 millimeter scleral lens. We put it onto a wide tray. Here's the Ambiodry. This dehydrated amnio membrane comes in several different forms, but the one that works best with 18 millimeter scleral lens is the one that Ambiodry with 15 millimeter in diameter and 35 micron in thickness. So not 100 micron but 35 micrometer one works the best.

So we put the AmbioDisk onto the underside of the sclera lens. Now we use a spear, surgical spear to remove the excess water and to achieve good adherence of the dehydrated amnio membrane on the underside of the scleral lens. We found that this way of achieving a position works the best. Here is the amnio membrane contact lens complex. After numbing drop, we just simply without using the speculum, we put the numb the AmbioDisk Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens onto the ocular surface and then we push out to bubbles to achieve better adherence. We found the AmbioDisk Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens works better than other forms of nonsurgical delivery of amnio membrane because AmbioDisk AMCL actually conforms to the ocular surface to curvature.

So now you see AmbioDisk AMCL in vivo. With this stained dye, you can see the character epitheliopathy underneath the amniotic membrane contact lens for which you are treating. Again, this Dr. Ming Wang and describing the clinical process of amnio membrane contact lens and as I said, we have been fortunate to be able to invent this amnio membrane contact lens technology. Here is the US patents and also some other information one can go about in how to get the amnio membrane contact lens. Again, this is Dr. Ming Wang.