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Nashville, TN | AmbioDisk Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens Walkthrough | Wang Vision Institute

Dr. Ming Wang talks through the AmbioDisk Membrane Contact Lens and its use with a patient.


This is Dr. Ming Wang dictating AmbioDisk amnio membrane contact lens. Patient number seven KM with epitheliopathy. And in this video we're going to describe AmbioDisk amnio membrane contact lens, which carries a CPT code of 66778 which crosswalk with a bunch of diagnostic codes, all has to do with corneal surface disease. AMCL is based on our US patents and is produced currently by IOP Incorporated and is 15 millimeter disc with 35 micron thickness and covered with an 18 millimeter scleral lens.

And in terms of protocol, we typically use steroid twice a day, antibiotics three times a day and nonsteroidal once a day. And we keep the amnio membrane contact lens on for two weeks. And again, the diagnostic codec crosswalk with AMCL includes cornea ulcer, cornea epitheliopathy, recurrent erosion and a corneal scar and dystrophy.

Here you see that we take the scleral lens out that comes with the package and this scleral lens is 18 millimeter. And we work with a different scleral lens. This brand stay with the AMCL the best. Now we're going to open the Ambiodry AmbioDisk AMCL package and you will see the amnio membrane inside and we use a tweezers. You can see the 35 micron thick and 15 millimeter diameter, should be covered with the 18 millimeters scleral lens.

So now we put the amnio membrane on the underside of the 18 millimeter scleral lens and make sure using Weck-Cel to squeeze out the excess water. So here you have it, amniotic membrane contact lens complex. With a topical numbing drop, we found that we don't have to use speculum at all. We just put the amnio membrane contact lens on top of corneal surface and have patient look up and using Weck-Cel to make sure the bubbles squeezed out underneath the surface. These amnio membrane dehydrate has been produced, manufactured in such a way now you have it so that it stay with the contact lens.

Now here's a recurrent ulcer non healing with traditional therapy. This is with amnio membrane contact lens in vivo in the eye, right after placement. And we find that in the eye of over 100 amnio membrane contact lens patients studies to be presented at American Society Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting 2014, we find that the success rate of curing or treating or closing non-healing corneal ulcer is about 85%.

Again, this is AmbioDisk amnio membrane contact lens and CPT code 66778 based on a US patents and produced by IOP Incorporated. And the standard protocol is two weeks AMCL and with plugs, with antibiotics three times a day, steroid and nonsteroidal. Again, this is Dr. Ming Wang dictating from Nashville, Tennessee, united States. Thank you.