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Bryan White's Testimony

Wang Vision 3D Cataract and LASIK Center, Nashville, Tennessee

Hello, Mr. White,

It was a pleasure, to know you, and to have the opportunity, to take
care of your eyes. As I related to our Wang Vision staff (to whom this
e-mail has been cc'd) at our recent Christmas dinner, the value of our
work at Wang Vision lies in the lives and joy of others, namely, you,
our patients!

It is a team work for us at Wang Vision. Our phone staff did a great job
in getting you in, in a timely fashion and with such  a special
arrangement, to meet your specific time need, and our admin staff, our
technicians and doctors all did their parts. We as a team, worked with
you, our patient, and together, we made it happen!  At Wang Vision, we
know that more important than technical skills and technologies, first
and foremost, as your eyecare provider, we need to take care of you, our
patients, who each has a specific need and expectation. Offering the
best care, and first-rate service, to meet or exceed the expectations of
our patients, is what Wang Vision is about and what sets us apart.

I trust that the other doctor whom you saw before you came to us on
Friday did have a good intention, and did mean well. However, the
problem was perhaps he was a bit too rushed, did not spend the necessary
amout of time, to look at your situation and unique corneal measurement
carefully, or may not have the necessary laser technological skill, to
devise a customized treatment plan that suits your specific corneal
architecture and your prescription treatment parameters. At Wang Vision,
we know that ultimately, the quality of our work is defined by the
clarity of vision that we created in our patients. We need to produce
the best quality of vision in our patients, we need to deliver, and
that, can only come from a total commitment, to your vision.

It was a pleasure, to meet your whole family on Sat, and it was truly a
joy for me, to see the tremendous impact of what we do, in your life and
to your family.

I prayed with you, when we started our surgery, because I have come to
realize that even with the best service and technology, we as human
beings are still limited, so we need to remain humble, to know that only
through acknoledging God's power and His being the leader in our lives,
can we turly be happy.

We are gratefuly that you have chosen Wang Vision, and delighted that
you have bran new vision, with which you are now able to pursue your
dream career! On behalf of Wang Vision team, I send our best wishes to



-----Original Message-----
From: Bryan White
To: Ming Wang
Subject: Testimonial, case of Bryan White

Dr. Wang and his staff are nothing short of AMAZING. I had an
exceptional experience at their facility. I had to have LASIK performed
due to an endeavor I'm pursuing. It is imperative to have top notch
vision for the position I'm attempting to obtain.
My mistake-I initially selected another Doctor. My experience with that
Doctor and his staff was NO WHERE near comparable to my experience with
Dr. Wang and his staff. I was told by the other Doctor that my corneas
were to thin and he could not perform LASIK. At that point I saw my
hopes and dreams fading away.
Extremely frustrated and borderline devastated, I contacted your office
that afternoon. On the phone I was promptly directed to who I needed to
speak with, just like every time I had called before. I pleaded my case!
Your staff new the urgency and importance of why I needed to have LASIK
performed from previous conversations. I was placed on hold for a split
second, then she asked "how quick can you get here." That was at 3:45 on
a Friday afternoon!
From the moment I walked through the doors of your facility- the
experience was unbelievable. Your Staff's professionalism and
thoroughness, top notch technology, and most importantly you Dr. Wang.
Not only did you change my life that day, you ensured me LASIK could be
performed, and the procedure could be done that day!
You took the TIME to explain to me why the other Doctor couldn't perform
the procedure, and reassured me by drawing a diagram. You taking the
time to listen to me as a patient, reassuring me, and educating me about
the procedure was one reason for the exceptional experience. That type
of compassion is far and few between these days.
Just before the surgery you placed your hands on my shoulders and
prayed. Not the Our Father or a Hail Mary, a personal prayer. You prayed
for a successful procedure, why I was there, and its importance-you made
it personal- I was floored!!
When Dr. Wang himself called later that night to check on me I was in
disbelief! I've never had a Doctor personally follow up with me!
Eighteen hours after the surgery I read 20/20 in each eye individually
and 20/15 with both eyes!!! Dr. Wang, I consider what you did a miracle.
You are the best of the best. I can't thank you and your staff enough
for doing what you do!

Bryan White



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