Donna England

I highly recommend Dr. Ming Wang as a surgeon for eye sight. It was a most humbling experience. Dr. Wang has a life experience that could have made some bitter. He has a upbeat personality and I have all the confidence in the world in him. We in TN are so fortunate to have access to him. His foundation is wonderful and gives back to people that can’t afford the procedure.

Better Watkins

I had a great experience! Dr. Wang is wonderful! I encourage anyone who has cataracts to come to Wang Vision Institute. I attended a seminar and the vision exam was free. Best detailed exam I have ever had. On a score of 1-10 my experience was 10+. All of the staff at WVI and the surgery center were very helpful and knowledgeable. My experience was GREAT!

Michael Moore

Thank you so much for helping my vision. Even with only one eye corrected I can see details I have never been able to before. Dr. Wang and his staff were amazing during the surgery. I’m so excited to finish up the second surgery and see how much better my vision will get. This allows me to advance my career of being a fire fighter/EMT and helping others in our community. My fiancé and I get married September 24th this year and I’m excited about being able to see her walk down the aisle and to be able to fully see on our honeymoon. This starts out our life together even better!

Karen Matchett

My husband has looked forward to Dr. Wang’s surgery for over a year, just needed to make the decision. It started in May with the initial exam and then attended a seminar in July. The seminar made his decision final. He has had the first eye surgery and is now looking forward to the second eye surgery tomorrow! He said the surgery was great and he felt nothing. His eye had some problem with dilating so the wait time was longer. Dr. Wang’s assistants and nurses were great and kept him comfortable. They also kept checking with me (wife) and informed me of everything. We are very pleased so far and Dr. Wang is very generous and compassionate.

Mary Tatum

I have never been treated so kind in a doctor’s office before in my life. When it comes to eye surgery you want the best and Dr. Ming Wang is THE BEST! I think God for putting Dr. Ming in my path when I needed surgery. I felt safe and in good hands. The whole group are just wonderful! Thanks so much for your care and kindness!

Robert Montgomery

Very impressed with Dr. Wang’s skills as a surgeon. His staff was professional and helpful in accommodating our work schedules. His life and testimony as a Christian were uplifting! Thank you for sharing your life experiences. Dr. Wang’s work ethic is incredible and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking and needing better vision without (or with less use of) glasses.

Britt Moore

My whole experience with Dr. Wang’s team was wonderful! They are thorough, professional, and kind. Dr. Wang is a very skilled and thoughtful doctor and I am so happy I chose him to do my surgery!

Kathryn Malyk

Wang Vision staff made me feel comfortable with the progression of my treatment from evaluation all the way through to successful completion of cataract surgery. I traveled 80 miles one way to have Dr. Wang perform my surgery because of the many people he has helped to see. I would not have had anyone else do my surgery but him. Thanks to him I will have a better life with clear vision! Thanks!

Kathy O’Connor

I had a very positive experience! The doctor and staff were friendly and supportive. Overall a positive experience! I look forward to a lifetime of 20/20 vision!

Natalie Ewers

I have been wearing contact lenses and glasses since 7th grade. I’ve wanted LASIK for a long time but the fear of choosing the right doctor delayed my process. After meeting Dr. Wang and researching him, my decision was made. I scheduled my evaluation and surgery on the same day. The surgery was so painless and I cannot thank Dr. Wang and his staff enough for their professionalism and calming my nerves. I could already see better twenty minutes after surgery! A miracle! I would recommend Dr. Wang and his staff to anyone! They are the best in the business!