Julie Frerot, Nashville, TN

"I am writing to thank you from the depths of my heart for selecting me for vision correction.  I have given great thought to our conversation about using the gifts we are given by God.

Dr. Wang, you are truly a blessed man. I am eternally grateful that you use your extraordinary gifts to bless the lives of others.  I believe that blessings should be passed on.  I would like you to know that without the limitations of my glasses, I am better equipped to continue my calling to serve children with special needs.  Thank you again, Dr. Wang.  May God continue to bless you as you bless others."

-- Julie Frérot, Nashville, TN


Wayne H, Nashville, TN

 "My whole life I struggled with all physical activities because of my glasses.  Anything I did, I ended up with them in my hand to wipe my face.  It was a constant 'take them off, wipe my face, put them back on'.  Since my LASIK procedure, I have been motivated to work out and lose some weight. 

It was such a relief to not constantly be hampered by my glasses.  The workouts seem so effortless now that I am able to enjoy and stick with a routine.

Thanks to Dr. Wang and my surgery, I have been able to lose over 70 pounds and bring my body mass index from the obese range to a healthy range".

-- Wayne H, Nashville, TN