Christina Lael

I had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Wang and his staff. I had LASIK performed a year ago by another doctor and so wish I had come to Dr. Wang instead! This time, Dr. Wang performed an enhancement surgery and I am already seeing better! He even called me that evening and the entire staff truly cares about my well-being.

Elizabeth Hancock

I received excellent care at Wang Vision Institute! I am so happy with the results of my surgery. Dr. Wang is a wonderful doctor and I highly recommend Wang Vision!

Maria Bogach

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wang and his entire staff. From the moment I walked into his office for my first appointment I felt well cared for and that I was a priority. I had my first cataract procedure on April 26th, and though I was very nervous going in, I was quickly relieved of all worries. I’m very thankful for Dr. Wang and his professional staff!

Grace Alday

I thank God for letting me find Dr. Wang! He’s an incredible surgeon and human being! He’s very compassionate and takes time to treat every patient with his caring hands. Also, his staff is very respectful and they take their time to explain details and answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who has vision problems cause he’s the best of the best!

G. Coates

Very pleasing experience! I was able to read 20/20 the next day in the follow up appointment. I had no pain or discomfort!

Jimmy Tate

I have had an awesome experience with Wang Vision Institute! Dr. Wang and his staff are committed to excellence. We heard about the Forever Young Lens procedure through a seminar in our hometown of Paris, TN. Since then I have had a free comprehensive eye exam and as of today, the first eye surgery! I am scheduled for the second eye next week. The fact of no more glasses will make my retirement even more enjoyable as golfing and hunting will no longer require managing glasses! I would encourage anyone to visit Dr. Wang and find out if you could be a candidate for Forever Young Lenses. It’s definitely worth the time and money. To make the experience even better, Dr. Wang is a Christian man with his faith and beliefs guiding his practice.

Jane Barscz

I had to have cataracts removed from both eyes. My mom suggested Dr. Wang. She had seen him on the TV and thought he would be the best for me since our vision is so precious. As it turned out Dr. Wang IS THE BEST! I was very nervous and he and his staff put me at ease. Dr. Wang prayed with me before my surgery. I’m 62 years old and no doctor has ever done that with me and it really helped me relax and know I was in good hands. Here in Nashville we’re truly blessed to have Dr. Wang. If you need anything done to your eyes, please go to him! I highly recommend Dr. Wang!

Angel Eve Long

On April 22nd, 2016 I had my second and final procedure that now allos me to see clearly without reading glasses! The first was 3D Lasik to prepare my eye, and today’s was the 3D KAMRA. As someone who never had to wear glasses, needing reading glasses was uncomfortable and inconvenient for me. I’m so thankful that the 3D KAMRA procedure is available. I was able to, once again, travel from out of town for a Friday appointment and have the surgery the same day, very convenient! And Dr. Wang and his wife are such amazing people! The entire staff and the other doctors are wonderful. I highly recommend the 3D KAMRA procedure!

Justin Wenzel

Before I came to Dr. Wang for corrective surgery, my sight was -800! Blind was an understatement! I couldn’t walk in my own room without glasses or contacts. But then I met Dr. Wang and my life was changed. After a short surgery in an amazing office I am seeing 20/20! It is an unreal experience to be able to see clearly after 20+ years of corrective eyewear with nothing! The amazingly kind staff made me feel comfortable, welcoming, and as if I was the only person there! Dr. Wang is the best, kindest, and most gentle doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and having as a surgeon. Thank you so much Dr. Wang and staff!

George Kapares

Great experience! Professional and better than I could’ve imagined! I’m so excited about my new vision!