Amanda Knight

Wang did my LASIK! I am seeing amazing! Dr. Wang is the best!

Carol McGee

Very professional, kind and courteous staff. Dr. Wang called to check up on you the night after the procedure. Everyone was very nice and kind. Very eager to answer questions.

Gerry Burgess

Thank you so much to all of the Wang Vision community. All of you have treated me so nice, made me feel so comfortable and safe. What a blessing you are! Dr. Wang has taken such good care of me. He is a gentleman and full of care for all of his patients. It has been a pleasure to be a part of Dr. Wang family. I would recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who needs eye surgery!


I have been wearing prescription eye glasses since the age of 17. Initially wearing glasses wasn’t so bad. But as I got older, it was more troublesome so I tried using contact lenses. I moved to Chattanooga, TN and may seasonal allergies have worsened so using contact lenses was an irritant. I was still determined to get rid of my glasses. I have considered Lasik eye surgery for many years but my research has deterred me from actually pursuing the procedure until I read Dr. Wang’s success with 3d laser LASIK. I learned from being tagged by friends on facebook that Dr. Ming Wang was giving a seminar in Chattanooga. I didn’t want to hesitate to attend and I wanted a guaranteed discount so I convinced my nephew and a friend to attend. I didn’t regret attending. My first impression of Dr. Wang was that he was passionate about helping people see. I finally had it done today and I was able to see at least 90% both near and far vision. I look forward to life independent from glasses. Thank you Dr. Ming Wang! You are a miracle worker!

Johnnie Hawkins

I am most appreciative of the Wang vision institute and all of the staff! Dr. Wang is a great surgeon as well as a great person. He and his staff are to be commended for all they do to help the community. I would recommend him to anyone that has an eye problem. Thank you Dr. Wang! You are a true blessing!

Robert Marshall

From being an optician for 35 years, there was no doubt in my mind as to which ophthalmologist I would choose for my cataract surgery! Dr. Wang and his staff are all very friendly, informative, and compassionate so that when your evaluation is complete, you should be completely at ease and looking forward to your upcoming surgery! Dr. Wang’s credentials are the most impressive I’ve seen and remember I’ve been working closely with ophthalmologist and optometrists for over 34 years. Dr. Wang is so friendly and has such a calm and soothing demeanor that he can calm all your fears as he answers whatever questions you may have. My right eye was done on 4/12 and at my follow up visit the next day I was informed that my right eye which was formerly 20/250, will end up being 20/30! My next surgery is scheduled for Tuesday April 19th and I can hardly wait! Let me just say that if you are looking for the best team to take care of your cataracts, LASIK, and any other eye surgery, then look no further than the best! Dr. Ming Wang and WVI!

Beverly Turner

I just had 3D Laser cataract surgery at WVI using a unique technology that is only offered at Wang Vision Institute in Nashville Tn. My experience began when I first met Dr. Wang and his staff at the Wang Vision Institute and underwent a complete evaluation of my eye health. It concluded a week later with surgery on both eyes performed by Dr. Wang. Due to my age, I opted not to have a corrective lens but the regular ocular lens placed in my eyes. I can now see better than I could in my 20’s, and that is without a special lens! I can’t say enough about the professionalism and caring attitude of Dr. Wang and his staff during the evaluation and surgery. I quickly realized that I was in very competent and capable hands. I would never consider letting anyone else touch my eyes again, even if I had to travel a distance to get him! Dr. Wang is 20!

Patricia VanLeerson

Best experience ever. Dr. Wang is amazing! His staff is wonderful! If you need any kind of eye surgery and want the best, please come see them!


This was a wonderful experience. Everyone was very professional! Very pleased!

Barbara Tolleson

This has been a very satisfactory experience. All of the staff with Dr. Wang have been so kind and the surgery was a great success.