Linda Granstaff

Thank you Dr. Ming Wang, You worked a miracle for my daughter-in-law, Rachael Granstaff, from Lebanon, she came to my house and her eyes were so sore from the hard contacts, she was wearing, her eyes were tearing, swelled and blood shot, and was told there was not anything else that could help her. I knew her pain was really bad, because I had worn hard contacts as a teen and I was in so much pain then, but I could quit wearing them, she couldn’t if she wanted to see. I told my son to check with you and see if  there was something you could do and you did make us so happy, she can now enjoy, without pain, the sight you gave back to her.  She can now enjoy seeing her eight year daughter grow up.

Thank so many times.

Linda Granstaff, Lebanon, TN.

P.S. Thank you for all the other people you have helped!

Jacqueline Crutchfield-Hurst

Ok, I wasn't gonna say anything but I have to now. Dr. Ming helped me when I thought all was lost. I have Kerataconus and I got to the point that my cornea was just shot. I first went to Vanderbilt after I had emailed Wang Vision and only because they had not responded and I could not see I went to Vanderbilt and they treated me as if I was crazy or was nothing important. I was told to come to a later appt on that day and while waiting I got a call from Dr. Wang's office. I explained what was going on and he told me to come on to the office. When I got there I as treated like a scared person should be treated. I saw Dr. Wang and he listened to me, let me cry and then put his hand on my shoulder and said WE were gonna get through this. He made me feel good and not hopeless like Vanderbilt for. He took care of one eye to help it be stronger and then he did a cornea transplant on the other. I just cried thinking I may never see my grand kids. Well, my first grandbaby was born in 2015 and I saw her just fine!!!. Because of Dr Wang and now Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino I am seeing out of Kerataconus eyes at 20/30 with lenses. Even without my lenses I can see better than i can remember. So, THANK YOU DR. WANG for caring enough about me to help me see.

Mike Parker

Dr. Ming Wang


Re: Heather Parker/Mike Parker


Dr. Wang,


    It is now 2:00PM 6/27/17. Twenty Three hours ago my daughter Heather was, and had been since birth as far as we know, legally blind without optical help. Today, after your 3D Lasik Laser surgery, she seems to have near perfect vision. You Sir are undoubtedly one the most amazing individuals that I have ever met. Your life story is incredible. God seems to put a few of you guys here on earth from time to time to help humanity along. You have the most wonderful job. You are able to help people in the most graphic of ways. To clearly see the world around them, even sight from total darkness. Virtually supernatural only a very few years ago.

    As my daughter and I were talking with your front desk receptionists a voice was heard to cry out in your surgical room. We all looked at each other and wondered what that was all about. Was someone in severe pain? I looked at my daughter to see her reaction to the scream. She looked frightened as she was already apprehensive about having the Lasik surgery. Suddenly your office door opened and this lady came bursting, screaming with joy, into the reception area looking for her loved ones to tell them the news that her prayers had been answered, that God had restored her sight. She was beside herself!!! Again I looked at my daughter and this time she was crying… Tears of joy for this lady who also had the blessing of meeting Dr. Ming Wang and was healed of the affliction of blindness. She claimed it to be a miracle and after thinking about that situation for almost twenty four hours I agree with the lady. It is, you are creating miracles everyday affecting millions of lives in a wonderfully positive lasting way. You have seemingly tried to be your very best in life, in God’s eyes, and your are a blessed man. As my favorite pastor, Allen Jackson, loves to say “ God is Great ALL The Time”, I agree………

    Heather and I looked into other offices that performed lasik. We looked you up on the internet. Heather asked her friends and Mother about who would be the best Doctor. Heather’s Mother even works for an Optometrist that performs Lasik procedures in another city where we could get a greatly discounted price, but we both felt that you Dr. Wang were the Doctor we wanted. I was introduced to you originally back in 2005 by my good friend Barry Dotson. Little did I know what that meeting with you would turn into for me later in life. You & God restored my daughters sight and I will not be bashful to let anyone know how wonderful this is. You have my greatest respect.

    Heather and I had a wonderful experience with your entire staff. It could not have been better. Totally professional in every way. Your offices are beautiful, neat and clean.

    I will be on vacation with Heather for the next few days visiting our family in Texas. I am so confident in your skills now that I would like to have you correct my only good eye, as I lost about 90%  vision field in my fellow eye 11 years ago, removing a cataract and performing your miracle on me as well. I can’t wait.

        You Sir are a Work of Art and I Thank God for a Man like You.


Mike Parker

Kent and Barbara Latham

I want to tell everyone that I was hesitant for many years to have laser surgery on my eyes. My vision kept getting worse so I decided to contact Dr. Wang. After meeting Dr. Wang and researching the procedure I felt very comfortable with him. I regret that I waited so many years to have the procedure on my eyes. I highly recommend WVI to anyone that wants a professional experience with someone that really cares for his patients. My husband and I want to thank Dr. Wang for giving my vision back to me.

Margaret Large

Dr. Wang and all the staff were very friendly and helpful in explaining each step of the process. Your treatment is their utmost importance – you are not just another patient! Dr. Wang is a very caring physician!


1. Verification system – verified at least 18 times name, DOB, and what eye for surgery. 2. Dr. Wang makes you feel very comfortable during surgery with seconds count down system 3. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and friendly.

Freda Duggan

I was so nervous about my cataract surgery but the staff was so helpful and reassuring that my experience was a very positive one. Everything was explained to me in detail and all of my questions were answered. Dr. Wang was very warm and caring-definitely a personal touch.

Phyllis Boyd

Everyone in the Wang Vision Institute was most accommodating and helpful. Dr. Wang himself was very reassuring just prior to the surgery. I was quite surprised to actually receive a phones call from him that evening checking to see how I was doing. I will be returning next week for eye number two.