Q: I have dry eyes/blepharitis, why should I come to Wang Vision?

A: We are a regional leader, in the state-of-the-art treatment, for dry eyes/blepharitis (Meibomian Gland disease). At Wang vision, we offer:

-          A dedicated dry eye clinic (see here<https://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/dry_eye_syndrome.html>).

-          Lipiflow treatment (see here<https://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/lipiflow.html>).

-          BlephEx treatment (see here<https://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/blephex.html>).

-          Amniotic membrane contact lens (AMCL, see here<https://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/amcl.html>), a technology that we have invented. We created the world’s first AMCL.

-          Other dry eye treatments.