Q: I had LASIK in the past, and now I need cataract surgery, why should I come to Wang Vision?

-        Performing cataract surgery in an eye after previous LASIK is much harder, with much more difficulty in lens power calculation, than in virgin eyes. In such eyes, the chance of needing LASIK/PRK again, after cataract surgery, as an enhancement, is much higher. Hence, performing cataract surgery in post-LASIK eyes requires the surgeon to be “ambidextrous’, i.e., equally well experienced in BOTH cataract surgery and LASIK (while most cataract surgeons mainly specialize in cataract surgery only, and similarly most LASIK surgeons specialize in LASIK only as well).

-        At Wang Vision, we do specialize in performing cataract surgery in post-LASIK eyes, and are in fact an international referral center (see here<https://wangvisioninstitute.com/iol_calculation.html>). We get patients referred to us from around the country and from other countries who had LASIK and now need cataract surgery.