Q: What is 3D LASIK? Why Wang Vision is THE place to come, for LASIK?

A: 3D LASIK is a LASIK procedure in which Dr. Wang uses a high-definition digital microsurgical system (TruVision) when performing LASIK. Dr. Wang performed the first 3D LASIK.

Wang Vision is the THE place for your 3D LASIK procedure, since Dr. Wang:

1.      Is a Harvard & MIT graduate (MD, magna cum laude).

2.      Holds a doctorate degree in laser physics. Have your LASER eye surgery done by a LASER physicist!

3.      Is the FIRST surgeon to perform 3D LASIK, which utilizes a high-definition digital microsurgical system.

4.      Has performed over 55,000 procedures (including on over 4,000 doctors).

5.      Has published 9 textbooks, and Wang Vision is an international referral center for post-LASIK complications.

Finally, Dr. Wang is the FIRST and ONLY surgeon in the state who performs SMILE - a small-incision laser vision correction procedure.