Robin Creasman

I came in for the 3D Lasik surgery to Dr. Wang’s office yesterday.  I was treated very warmly and received excellent care by all the staff and Dr. Wang.  The surgery went so well and I couldn’t believe the difference in my eyes.   I have not had to put my glasses on since I left.  I would recommend this place to all my friends and family.  Dr. Wang is an excellent doctor.  He even called my wife late last night personally to check up on me.  Thanks for everything!

Stan Smith

At 62 years old, I found out I was a candidate for LASIK surgery and wanted to see about gaining better vision before getting older.  I had the 3D LASIK surgery and already see better on the day after surgery!  Glad I had it completed!

Grant Whitsitt

Hi, my name is Grant Whitsitt, and I am an animation major at Savannah College of Art and Design.  I have had vision problems (20/100) since about fifth grade and it has been a perpetual hindrance to my career ever since.  Years ago, when I was maybe 16 or 17 my eye doctor informed that I might be a good candidate for LASIK when my eyes had fully developed.  A few months ago at age 22, my doctor informed that I was ready!  Imagine my excitement!  So, I eventually met with Dr. Ming Wang and he has given me a gift I could never pay back.  I now have 20/13 vision, and life could literally never be brighter.  The 3D procedure was spectacularly precise and Dr. Wang is one of the most incredible men I’ve ever met!  He even prayed over me before the surgery!

Rebekkah Lively

Everyone in the office were so nice and helpful.  They took the time to make sure I knew what every test was for and how the surgery would go.  I especially appreciated all the comfort during the procedure itself.  It didn’t last as long as I thought, and the pain afterwards was minimal considering I just had lasers shot into my eyes.  I can’t wait to see how my vision improves over the next couple of days.

Jason Bollenbaugh

I had been looking forward to having LASIK eye surgery for many years.  After going to one of Dr. Wang’s seminars, I knew I had found the right doctor.  The doctor’s and staff were excellent!  Thank you Dr. Wang, Dr. Ebrahim, and staff for all of your help!