Jeanne Woodard

The experience was great from when I walked in to when I left. I was here three hours and came out reading my phone. Dr. Wang was great and his staff!

Chuck Woodard

Before eye surgery I couldn’t read the phone book or anything small in letters. I came to Dr. Wang and got 3D LASIK in three to four hours after arriving I will be able to read the phonebook and a menu at a restaurant. So I am very overjoyed! I would recommend it to anyone who hates to keep up with glasses! Thank you!

Susan Paeth

I had the Forever Young Lens exchange about 10 months ago. It went very well but still needed a little fine tuning. Today I had the 3D LASIK….and am so glad I did! I can already see more clearly. Everything looks great! Dr. Wang and staff are wonderful! Thank you all!


I am so thankful for what the future has in store for me with my LASIK 3D surgery! No more glasses!

Mary Wallace

I had cataract surgery on my left eye yesterday and had the forever young lens put in. Next Tuesday I will have the same procedure on the right eye. I was apprehensive about the surgery, but it went very well with no pain whatsoever. The laser surgery was very quick- only 45 seconds. Dr. Wang is a very good doctor. I look forward to not having to wear glasses at all. I have worn glasses for over 50 years. I attended a seminar in Murfreesboro which was very informative and helpful. I was impressed by the use of the amniotic membrane contact lens used to prevent scarring from eye surgery. This is obtained by donors and no harm to babies.