Darrell Ridgely

Dr. Wang and his staff were very efficient and timely. They helped me go from being blind without glasses or contacts to being able to wake up in the morning and see the tree limbs with clarity. I would strongly recommend anyone who can to have the surgery. Thank you Dr. Wang and staff.

Kathleen Shackleford

This has been a very pleasant experience! Dr. Wang is very personable and professional. Staff is very friendly and efficient. Instructions are clearly explained and easy to follow. Dr. Wang is great!

Dennis Stembridge

Dr. Wang is the most wonderful doctor and his professional staff was excellent in every aspect of the eye institute. From the eye professional testers, nurses, and all his professional team. The eye surgery was a breeze. Everyone worked as a team with a happy and upbeat positive manner. I couldn’t ask for any better care than how I was taken care of. I would recommend Dr. Wang to anyone with any eye problems.


My experience with Dr. Wang was an amazing experience. Wonderful staff, very friendly, very caring! As a Christian, it was so encouraging to have a wonderful Christian doctor who also prayed over me before surgery. His compassion was wonderful! I just can’t say enough about his practice and the wonderful staff he has. Not to mention, I had developed a cataract due to a surgery I had for a macular hole. Afterwards, I could not see at all, it was totally blurred in my left eye and after the surgery Dr. Wang did, I could see! I’m thanking God for such a wonderful doctor. I will be having a small cataract removed on my right eye soon! I am so glad to have come to him!

Wanda Trawick

Dr. Wang and his staff are all great! We have had a wonderful experience, and would recommend them to everyone!