Jani Ortlund

Dr. Wang and his staff offered me kind and expert care! I had struggled with my eyesight since I was 9 years old and had lost hope. Dr. Wang persevered and now I’m grateful for the excellent progress that I am making!

Jana Cole

After having LASIK about 6 months ago, and monitoring my vision, Wang Vision Institute and I noticed that I wasn’t getting perfect vision out of one of my eyes. Wang Vision Institute was quick to try to fix the issue including an enhancement procedure. Wang Vision Institute has taken great care of my problematic eyes, and listened to my concerns. Wang Vision Institute is greatly recommended.

Jackie Hentz

Dr. Wang has been my eye doctor for 14 years—no glasses or contacts. There is no limit to the positive comments I could make about Dr. Wang. The most memorable time was when he prayed with me before a surgery…his exact words were, “Jackie, I pray Jesus grants us success,” and he did. Dr. Wang is a caring person, and I am proud to call him a friend, and a brother in Christ.

Ian Hoffman

I have enjoyed the good vision I need to sustain my career as an airline Captain for well over a decade with thanks to Dr. Wang’s LASIK, which no one else felt qualified to perform due to prior Radial Keratonomy performed in the early 80’s by another surgeon. Dr. Wang’s expertise in eye surgery and Laser technologies allowed me to enjoy spectacular vision from my LASIK with him. Then recently, along came cataracts once again threatening my vision and career. Dr. Wang’s Cataract 3D Laser surgery and careful management of my vision challenges have yielded results that I could not be more pleased with. This included LASIK and PRK to manage the peculiarities that one eye in particular presented. Again, other ophthalmologists long ago said it was not possible. Much less, one would think, the additional procedures that Dr. Wang has undertaken to give me the vision that I need. Thank you Dr. Wang for all that you have done for me and we are inspired for all that you have done for so many others. My wife who had LASIK with Dr. Wang years ago is still enjoying life without glasses as well.

Gloria Rowell & Albert Rowell

We have never been in a medical facility where the staff and physicians have been more caring and professional. We are amazed and appreciate the professionalism and expertise of Dr. Wang and his staff. My eyes have required all three procedures, and we thank God for Dr. Wang! We believe he and his staff have been a God send for us. Thank you, thank you!