Kent and Barbara Latham

I want to tell everyone that I was hesitant for many years to have laser surgery on my eyes. My vision kept getting worse so I decided to contact Dr. Wang. After meeting Dr. Wang and researching the procedure I felt very comfortable with him. I regret that I waited so many years to have the procedure on my eyes. I highly recommend WVI to anyone that wants a professional experience with someone that really cares for his patients. My husband and I want to thank Dr. Wang for giving my vision back to me.

Margaret Large

Dr. Wang and all the staff were very friendly and helpful in explaining each step of the process. Your treatment is their utmost importance – you are not just another patient! Dr. Wang is a very caring physician!


1. Verification system – verified at least 18 times name, DOB, and what eye for surgery. 2. Dr. Wang makes you feel very comfortable during surgery with seconds count down system 3. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and friendly.

Freda Duggan

I was so nervous about my cataract surgery but the staff was so helpful and reassuring that my experience was a very positive one. Everything was explained to me in detail and all of my questions were answered. Dr. Wang was very warm and caring-definitely a personal touch.

Phyllis Boyd

Everyone in the Wang Vision Institute was most accommodating and helpful. Dr. Wang himself was very reassuring just prior to the surgery. I was quite surprised to actually receive a phones call from him that evening checking to see how I was doing. I will be returning next week for eye number two.