Tommy Dugan

My name is Tommy Dugan I came to see Dr. Ming Wang after going to a seminar at Dickson Tn. I not only am 58 years of age in which everyone says your eyes start going bad. But also, about 25 years ago my right eye was blown out of my head by a battery explosion and also put my left eye vision out for 3 or 4 days before it started coming back slowly. Over the course of about six or seven months a different doctor finally fixed me to where I could see again but my right eye over time pulled my left eye down to where I could not read the phone numbers in a phone book. Well, after meeting Dr. Wang, he repaired the vision in my eyes. I didn’t expect to get this good of vision even though I wanted to best I could get. Now just a few days later, I can read a book and my far vision is good. I didn’t expect to be able to read a book without glasses again but thanks to Dr. Wang I have near and far vision again at 58 years old. It’s great and thanks to Dr. Wang and his staff!